Get a Canopy Lift for Your Trees

Schedule tree lifts in High Springs, Gainesville, FL & Surrounding Areas

Reach out to Alachua County Tree Service for professional tree lift services in High Springs, Gainesville, FL and surrounding areas. If your trees have overgrown canopies, we will trim the lower limbs to give them a fuller, taller appearance.

Tree lifts aren't only a nice cosmetic change, they are also better for the health of your trees. Call 352-474-0103 today to learn more about the benefits of tree lifts and canopy care.

canopy lift high springs fl

3 benefits of a canopy lift

Why should you consider scheduling a canopy lift for trees in your yard? Canopy lifts help to:

  1. Make your trees appear taller and fuller.
  2. Remove small, dead or low-bearing branches.
  3. Keep your trees healthy, even canopies.

If your trees have low canopies, uneven shapes or could simply use a trim, call us today. We perform canopy lifts in the High Springs and Gainesville, FL areas for an incredible price.