Tree Removal & Trimming

Schedule tree trimming or removal in High Springs and Gainesville, FL & Surrounding Areas

Routine tree trimming is one of the best things you can do to keep your trees healthy and reduce the risk of tree rot or disease. When you call Alachua County Tree Service for tree trimming services, you'll get more than shapely tree canopies. We'll evaluate and prune your trees to make sure they're healthy and growing steadily. Best of all, pruning will help your trees produce larger fruits and flowers.

Call Alachua County Tree Service today at 352-474-0103 to schedule tree trimming in the High Springs & Gainesville, FL areas.

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3 reasons to schedule standard tree removal

You need a tree removal expert to remove trees of all shapes and sizes on your property. Count on us to:

  1. Cut down large trees to make a garden.
  2. Clear dead or hazardous trees from your yard.
  3. Remove trees to create a back patio or deck.

It doesn't matter why you want to cut down your trees, it only matters that you call a professional to complete the job. Reach out to Alachua County Tree Service for exceptional tree removal in High Springs, Gainesville, FL and the surrounding areas.